Grado SR60x Review

grado sr60x

Welcome, audiophiles and music enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the captivating realm of audio perfection with the Grado SR60x headphones. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore every nuance, from design to sound quality, and help you decide if these headphones deserve a spot in your audio arsenal.

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Introduction to Grado SR60x


Grado has a rich legacy of crafting exceptional audio devices, and the SR60x headphones continue this tradition. With a sleek design and promising features, these headphones aim to redefine your listening experience.

Key Features

  • Open-back design
  • Dynamic transducer technology
  • Comfortable over-ear design
  • Impedance and sensitivity specifications
  • Section 2: Design and Build Quality

Design and Build Quality


The SR60x headphones boast a minimalist yet elegant design. The open-back construction not only contributes to aesthetics but also promises a more immersive audio experience.

Build Quality:

The Grado SR60x headphones are constructed with meticulous attention to materials for both comfort and longevity. The headband, while primarily made of durable plastic, incorporates some metal components, striking a balance between robustness and weight. The molded plastic, though not extravagant, exudes a solid feel that maintains integrity without unnecessary heft.

The cables, an often overlooked component, are impressively overbuilt, featuring super annealed copper wire for enhanced purity of the audio signal. This attention to cable quality not only contributes to audio fidelity but also ensures longevity and durability, reducing the risk of signal degradation over time.

In terms of comfort, the headband has been redesigned to provide a more cushioned experience. While the ear cushions themselves are not explicitly detailed, Grado’s commitment to crafting headphones by hand in Brooklyn suggests a focus on user comfort during prolonged wear.

However, it’s worth noting that the earcups’ foam covers can become hot and itchy during extended use, potentially impacting comfort for some users. This nuanced consideration provides a more comprehensive understanding of the headphone’s comfort aspects beyond the positive features.

Comfort and Fit


Long listening sessions demand comfort. Weight distribution is a crucial aspect of ergonomic design, ensuring that the headphones don’t cause undue strain. While specific weight details are not provided, the use of durable yet lightweight materials in the construction suggests a thoughtful approach to weight distribution for a balanced and comfortable fit.


The adjustable headband allows users to modify the fit according to their preferences, ensuring a secure and comfortable positioning on the head. This adaptability is crucial for accommodating users with varying head sizes, contributing to a broader audience that can enjoy a tailored listening experience.

Additionally, the four-conductor cable, although not explicitly discussed in terms of adjustability, is a notable feature. The inclusion of this cable allows users some flexibility in managing the cable length and connection options, offering a degree of customization in how they interact with the headphones.

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Sound Quality

Acoustic Bliss:

While the Grado SR60x headphones offer a compelling auditory experience, characterized by the renowned Grado sound with vibrant mid-range, harmonic colors, and full-bodied vocals, it’s essential to acknowledge certain aspects that might impact the overall acoustic bliss.

The SR60x is known for its bright highs, which, for some users, can be too pronounced, especially if they already possess a bright audio system. This brightness may require some adjustment or a burn-in period to mellow out. Therefore, if a user prefers a flatter, analytical response, the SR60x might not align with those expectations.

When delving into the heart of the Grado SR60x review, the sound quality unveils itself as a mixed bag, showcasing notable strengths along with considerations.

Bass response

Starting with the bass response, the SR60x provides a controlled and articulate low end. However, it’s crucial to note that the bass may not cater to the preferences of those seeking a booming, pronounced bass. The emphasis here is more on precision and balance rather than sheer bass power.

Midrange clarity

Moving to the midrange, the clarity is where the SR60x shines. Vocals and instrumental tones are presented with a remarkable level of detail, allowing users to appreciate the nuances in music. This clarity, especially in the midrange frequencies, contributes to the headphones’ ability to render vocals and instruments with authenticity.

Treble details

In terms of treble details, the SR60x exhibits the characteristic Grado sparkle in the highs. While this lends a certain brilliance to the audio, it can border on being too bright for some listeners. It’s advisable for those sensitive to elevated treble to take note of this aspect during usage.

Open-back Advantage:

grado sr60x

The open-back configuration contributes significantly to an expansive and natural soundstage. Unlike closed-back headphones that isolate the sound within the ear cups, open-back headphones allow the audio to escape, creating a more immersive and open spatial experience. This design characteristic mimics the sensation of listening to speakers in a room, providing a sense of airiness and dimensionality to the sound.

The benefit of an enhanced soundstage becomes apparent when listening to genres like jazz or classical music, where the placement of instruments in a virtual space is crucial for a lifelike experience. The SR60x excels in delivering this sense of depth and separation between instruments, allowing users to perceive the positioning of various elements within the audio landscape.

However, it’s important to note that the open-back design comes with a trade-off. While it enhances spatial awareness, it also compromises isolation. External sounds can enter, and audio leakage occurs, making the SR60x less suitable for noisy environments or situations where privacy is essential.

Real-world Performance

Performance Across Genres:

In classical genres, the SR60x’s strengths lie in its ability to render intricate details and nuances. The headphones capture the richness of orchestral arrangements, offering a clear and detailed representation of string instruments, brass sections, and delicate nuances in classical compositions. The open-back design contributes to an expansive soundstage, providing a captivating and immersive experience for classical music enthusiasts.

Moving to genres with bass-heavy beats, such as hip-hop or electronic music, the SR60x maintains a balanced approach. While it may not cater to extreme bass enthusiasts, the headphones deliver a controlled and articulate bass response. The emphasis on clarity in the midrange ensures that vocals and instrumentals remain distinct, even in genres where powerful bass is a focal point. This balance allows the SR60x to offer an engaging and enjoyable listening experience for a wide range of genres.

However, it’s essential to note that the SR60x might not satisfy those seeking an overpowering bass experience common in some contemporary music genres. The headphones prioritize clarity and detail, providing a more analytical and precise presentation.

Noise Isolation:

The open-back design of the Grado SR60x comes with both advantages and drawbacks, particularly in terms of noise isolation and the overall listening experience in different environments.


  1. Natural Soundstage: The open-back design contributes to a more expansive and natural soundstage. It creates an immersive listening experience, making it ideal for genres that benefit from a sense of space, such as classical or jazz.
  2. Spatial Awareness: The headphones provide a more accurate representation of spatial cues in audio, enhancing the perception of instrument placement and creating a sense of depth.
  3. Reduced Ear Fatigue: The open-back design allows air to flow freely, reducing pressure on the ears and minimizing the “in your head” feeling often associated with closed-back headphones. This can contribute to extended listening comfort.


  1. Limited Noise Isolation: The open-back design does not provide effective isolation from external sounds. This makes the SR60x less suitable for noisy environments, as ambient sounds can interfere with the listening experience.
  2. Sound Leakage: Due to the open-back nature, sound can leak out, potentially disturbing those nearby. This makes the SR60x less suitable for shared spaces or situations where privacy is important.

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Connectivity and Accessories

Wired Prowess:

The Grado SR60x headphones feature wired connectivity, providing a direct and reliable connection to audio sources. The included cable is a 4-conductor design made with super annealed copper wire, emphasizing improved signal purity for enhanced audio quality. This design choice aims to minimize signal distortion and preserve the harmonic integrity of the music.

While the wired connectivity of the SR60x ensures a stable audio transmission, it’s important to note that these headphones do not include detachable cables. This lack of modularity may be considered a drawback for some users, as a detachable cable would offer greater flexibility and ease of replacement.

Grado has also redesigned the headband and cables for the SR60x. The new headband features increased cushioning for improved comfort during extended listening sessions. The cables, now housed in a more durable exterior, contribute to the overall longevity and durability of the headphones.

As for additional accessories, Grado provides a 1/4-inch to 3.5 mm adapter, accommodating various audio sources. This practical accessory ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, including those with different headphone jack sizes

The Final Note:

In conclusion, the Grado SR60x headphones offer an exceptional listening experience, especially for those valuing nuanced audio reproduction and craftsmanship. While considerations like noise isolation and cable modularity exist, the overall performance and value make the SR60x a commendable choice for audiophiles seeking a genuine and immersive sound profile.

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